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Where Do We Start?

It’s like any first date, we have to get to know each other, find a connection and build a level of mutual trust and chemistry.


Where is your home located?


What does it look like, how old or new is it?


How much do you want to sell it for? And how much do we think we can sell it for?


How can we make sure that the right qualified buyer sees your home once we list it?

Getting and Keeping a Buyer

There are two phases to getting your home sold: we need to get the buyer AND we need to keep the buyer. Getting the buyer is all about the marketing and the exposure. Keeping the buyer is something that Essig Bass does phenomenally well. We make sure that every step of the process from contract to settlement is clean and taken care of so that we don’t lose the deal because that is just as important as getting the buyer.

Appearance is everything! We want your home to look its best which can mean something as simple as rearranging furniture and decluttering to things that require a little more effort, like fresh paint, and repairs on the inside and some lawn maintenance and gardening on the outside.

Once your home is shining bright, we want to make sure that its beauty is captured in the photographs and video, we’ve even been known to use drones!

Then we use our extensive knowledge of the English language as it relates to the internet and get busy making sure your home is as searchable and visible as possible on the interwebs. We’ll create a website just for your listing, add it to our website, list it on the MLS, and use Zillow Premier Access to push get your property noticed.
As if that wasn’t enough, we invest in the latest digital marketing trends and push your property on our social media channels with paid and organic content. Through Facebook ads, we can reach the ideal buyers with hyper-targeted positioning.


What You Should Expect

Selling your home doesn’t have to be frustrating or complicated. With Sharon and Alyssia, we are here to make the process smooth and simple.

You need to sell your house, you should expect a solid marketing plan.

You need to make the most money possible on the sale of your home, you should expect to have lots of qualified buyers.

You want to sell it quickly, you should expect your agent to have excellent negotiating skills.

You want less hassle, you should expect an agent who has extensive knowledge of real estate contracts and laws.

You want to relocate, you should  expect to have control.

The Details


Whether it’s our proven sales approach, effective marketing campaigns, or utilizing our extensive network – with Sharon and Alyssia – no detail is overlooked.  We pride ourselves in the use of technology and innovation to maximize the exposure of your home.

When We say We are “redefining service in real estate”, We mean it! We believe all clients should expect a higher standard! OuI clients come first.  We will educate you on what needs to be done to have a successful sale of your home.  There are many components to a successful real estate transaction; you can count on me to be there every step of the process and make sure that no detail is overlooked.  With a proven track record, the right skill set and years of experiences, We have the right tools to successfully sell your home.  If you’re serious about selling your home, we’re serious about getting the job done!

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